Kindermusik Kindermusik

Listen and move. Play and grow. This is Kindermusik, the most trusted music and movement program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and young children.

Kindermusik® is about kids, parents, and teachers—coming together and having a great time! It’s about helping you grow closer to your child. Enriching her environment and her development. Giving him a lifelong love of music and a foundation for learning.

Our educators are the best in the business—carefully chosen and expertly trained to give every child the experience that will benefit her the most. We believe your child's most important teacher is you. So we give you great tools to continue the Kindermusik experience at home. Our program is based on research demonstrating the benefits of music at each stage of a child's development. We start from where your child is, regardless of his age, and provide activities that stimulate his mind, body, and sense of play.

Kindermusik Kindermusik Kindermusik

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