Welcome To Pelham Music Arts Studio

Pelham Music Arts Studio is dedicated to providing a high quality music education which is designed to match the needs, level, age and interest level of each individual student. From primary level to advanced level, our dedicated instructors design each lesson to fulfill the best musical experience of each particular student. Our qualified instructional staff, most of whom have Masters Degrees from many prestigious universities and conservatories strive to impart their talent, ability and love of this art form upon their students. Each of our aspiring students will be guided to develop the skills necessary to become proficient and master the instrument of their choice while also building a sense of confidence, self esteem and accomplishment.

Pelham Music Arts Studio has three locations in Pelham, N.Y. All of our studios are designed to meet to be the needs of each specific age level. Our Children’s Studio, located at 318 Fifth Avenue is designed for our younger musicians. Its cheerful primary colors and decor set the tone for music instruction that is fun and interactive. We are very proud of the environment that we created, as we feel that our younger students enjoy their lessons in a bright and joyful space. Studio One and Studio Two are located at 237 and 239 Wolfs Lane. Each of these studios is used for the instruction of our Middle School and Adult Students.

Our Administrative Staff and Program Director are always available and willing to fulfill the particular needs of each individual student and family.

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